why bike wheel lights become popular

I bet you saw people riding bike at night. If there is any bicycle club around you, or there is always a group of bike rider pass the road in front of your house at night, you will easily find out that bike wheel lights are become increasingly popular. There are a variety of bike wheel.. read more →

Christmas string lights is never too simple to decorate your house! Since Christmas string lights comes into being, they have brought so many awesome DIY ideas to our holidays. It can even combine with anything we find, like cloth, paper, bottles and so on. This time we can try to make a brilliant string lights.. read more →

Although installation manual of our LED trees always shipped with the products, many customers still worry about the installation. Today we will tell how to install our LED iron pole cherry trees. Other trees can be installed in the same way. As you see in Picture 1, the trees are packed in carton box, and.. read more →

Milliano, a customer from Italy, contacted me today and said:” I am looking for LED string lights. Please give me some recommendation…” It is what I always be asked for, but it is not easy to tell which one suits you best without any details of your decorating plan. There are kinds of string lights,.. read more →

Empty wine bottles always seem to be surplus around the holidays. Have you ever thought turn them into a novel home decoration? The following pictures will absolutely give you a good idea. You’ll need a wine bottle, a short strand of Christmas lights, and some basic shop tools like a a drill with a glass.. read more →