LED christmas lights wholesale copper lights

Item NO.: ICL-1504

Length: 1.5M

LED quantity: 150PCS

Color: warm white

Material: copper wire, LED, PVC

Waterproof: IP44

Certificates: CE RoHS



Let call it copper lights, temporarily. To be frank, we still have no good name to promote this new products. With LED chips build on copper wire, it is called copper wire lights or copper lights by Chinese factories, but it brings another problem, since another popular color of the wire is silver, how can we call the lights with silver color wire copper lights? We also tried to find how our customers call it. Some call them fairy lights, others call them starry lights, and we also found a romantic answer, which is even angel tears, but none is widely spread as copper lights now. Compare with simple copper lights, this one is made with 10 strings together, which is short but brighter than ordinary ones.

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