Milliano, a customer from Italy, contacted me today and said:” I am looking for LED string lights. Please give me some recommendation…” It is what I always be asked for, but it is not easy to tell which one suits you best without any details of your decorating plan.

There are kinds of string lights, and there are big differences on prices. In order to choose the most suitable one for you without wasting money, you need to ask yourself the following questions before placing your order.

What will you decorate?

This is a simple question for you, but knowing the application can lend an understanding as to what type of string light would work best for your application.

white led string light star string lights

Let’s talk from the outlooking, there are two types of LED string lights:

1. Ordinary string lights;

2. String lights with decorative items.

If you just want to use the string lights to light up other items, like circling around a tree in your garden or beside road, which is popular, then the ordinary string lights is a good choice. But if for indoor decoration, or to decorate a Christmas tree, the lights with decoration will be much better.

Where will you use the lights?

You may ask “is this matter?”, Yes, it is absolutely important. This largely influents the production.

Is it for indoor or outdoor use? If outdoor, will it be possible to get soaked by rain?

pink string lights5mm string lights

There are three main options:

1. Non-waterproof,  it is sold at good price, which is perfect for indoor use and in areas without humidity and dust. If you use them for indoor decoration, it is better to choose non waterproof products. Non-waterproof string lights are much cost-effective than waterproof one.

2. Waterproof, which can be used outdoor and in raining circumstance. For outdoor use, even when using them in rain, waterproof is a must for these decorative string lights. Because of the different circumstance, you can choose products in most suitable waterproof class for you. For example IP44, IP65 etc.

3. Cold-resistant. Cold resistant LED string lights are rarely used in most countries. Actually, there are only a few countries need cold resistant products, like Russia. The material of cold resistant decorative LED string lights are rubber, which can be used in -40℃.

It is not good to choose the high price products at all the times. In these two way, you can easily choose the best decorative LED string lights you want. Hope this artical can give you some ideas when next time you plan to purchase some decoration for your Christmas.

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